A juicy Wagyu patty topped off with mild monterey jack+colby jack cheese, jalapenos, prosciutto, and a thick slice of ripe tomato then drizzled with tomato-based bbq+tartar sauce. Sandwiched between original Maison Kayser buns, this orgasmic creation sounds fancy and tastes absolutely RIDIX. 

My favorite items to add: prosciutto and jalapeno. Not only do these ingredients help make the burger awesome but they also add a dimension of flavor I have never experienced until now. The jalapenos bring out the rich and vibrant flavors in the burger, off-set by the sweet, smokey, and savory prosciutto. The bun is perfectly soft (doesn’t get soggy from the juices of the burger). This is the Johnny Depp of burgers, ladies.

Also Recommend: (toppings) Avocado, Fresh Mozzarella, Wagyu Chili, Grilled Onion


Address: 1F Toko White Building, Ebisu-nishi 2-11-9, Tokyo

Area: Ebisu 恵比寿/Daikanyama 代官山